Artist’s Project: 2011

by Korakrit Arunanondchai*

Using Columbia Open Studios as a model and an opportunity, I created “2011” as a fictionalized version of what an open studio could be.

As you enter the studio, you find yourself in an all white room with a monolith sculpture made from bleached denim, computer prints of fire, and mirrored mylar. There is a man in an all denim outfit with long black hair, hands painted blue, watching a movie on a screen. The movie is of a garden in Thailand, and old man, a turtle.

You walk through a door into another space. There is an expansive UV-lit forest that sways slowly in a space that seems edgeless.  Off to the side there is another man with long black hair, dressed in denim watching the same movie on a screen.

A musician would come in periodically to the first room and play a song to the installation, addressing the object as the audience.

The last of the four musicians that came in to the room played a song to back of the denim man staring at the screen. During her set , the denim man from the forest walked into the room and sat behind her. The performance ends after the song.

If you happen to know the artist you would realize that the man sitting the forest is the actual artist.

The audience experiences a space where loose narratives from both the artist’s practice and personal life comes together in a formal relationship.

The artist who is expected to be present at Open Studio is taken out his place and becomes a performing body or a mere avatar of himself.

*Korakrit Arunanondchai is a second year MFA student at Columbia University School of the Arts.