unlimited edition

by Ernst Fischer*

Each issue of Interventions will feature an artwork or image from a selected artist that will exist as a single-page pdf, available for download as an unlimited edition.

“Collateral Resignation Agreement” print, 16 x 19.25 inches, 2011

Download your copy: Collateral Resignation Agreement

This work emerged from my research in concocting the exhibition “Fiat – Experiments in Financial Semantics,” at The LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Nov 14th – Dec 2nd 2011. I have been thinking a lot about money as a temporally paradoxical code, money as a bridge from past to future and back again coupled with its status as pure, freely assignable sign. Awareness of a general equivalent’s historicity gives birth to blind spots with respect to it’s metaphysical powers. Further, I perceive parallels between currency and the medium of light, being both simultaneously, elementary particle and electromagnetic radiation. Enlightenment spells trouble for alternative economic practices.
*Ernst Fischer is a second year MFA student at Columbia University School of the Arts