Interventions, Volume 01, Issue 03: In and Out of the White Cube

Recent years have witnessed a critical reexamination of traditional models and hierarchies of the museum and gallery system, especially in light of the global economic downturn. Meanwhile, there has been both a tremendous rise in the number of independent and artist-run spaces as well as an increased turn to public space, self published ventures, the Internet and other non-traditional sites in search for exhibition platforms that are both accessible and pluralistic. Within this shifting paradigm away from the historical model of the white cube, artists and curators will need to negotiate anew their role as arbiter of cultural and aesthetic politics in contemporaneous art practice. This issue of Interventions, our last as editors, addresses alternatives to conventional exhibition practices and pedagogies in the present day and how these concerns are engaged both within and without the increasingly staid model of the white cube. To that end, we are pleased that this issue includes a wide range of critical viewpoints, including interviews, exhibition reviews, critical essays, and artist projects.

As we celebrate the completion of Interventions first volume, we also celebrate our own graduation from Columbia – a bittersweet occasion to be sure. When we embarked on this project a little more than a year ago we could not have imagined the tremendous breadth and rigor of the contributions that we have been privileged to include here, nor the international scope that is possible for an online journal to engage. We would like to thank the many writers and artists who have submitted their work for enriching the journal’s investigation of curatorial, artistic, theoretical and historical practice and its intersections, as well as our own understanding of these topics. In its commitment to investigating new perspectives, Volume 2 will welcome a new team of editors who we are confident will continue in the spirit we have pursued.

Ceren Erdem, Jaime Schwartz, and Lisa Hayes Williams
Founding Editors
New York; May, 2012