Unlimited Edition

by Joan Oh*

Each issue of Interventions features an artwork or image from a selected artist that exists as a single-page pdf, available for download as an unlimited edition.


Joan Oh, Search by Image: Color in Flesh, 2013, Archival Inkjet Paper, 44″ x 36″

Download your copy: Search by Image: Color in Flesh

Search Image: Color in Flesh is an experiment and study on Google’s new search engine that instead of typing in words, allows you to submit pictures and discover content that’s related to them. It recognizes colors in images linked to Google’s algorithm for pictures that can detect flesh-tones without any text around it.

As I placed a portrait of myself into the search engine, thousands of “visually similar” results appeared of young asian women.

Pulling from a database that has billions of images, does Google have the ability to define and categorize an individual based on profiling color in our flesh?

*Joan Oh is a Midwest native with a BFA in Photography from the Corcoran College of Art + Design and is currently pursuing an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts at the University of Pennsylvania. She currently lives and works in Philadelphia, PA.