Editor’s Letter

Interventions, Volume 03, Issue 02: Political Performativity and the Legacy of 70s Radicalism

Seeking to explore the various reactions and legacies of the radical political movements of the last century and the political frameworks being challenged in the present, the issue includes an interview with former Autonomist activist Sylvère Lotringer and a brief history of media activism focusing on Radio Alice in Italy and Açık Radyo in Turkey. We are also presenting three artist projects, which explore the theatrics of politics, repercussions of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the new possibilities for social profiling via the surveillance state. As a platform for artists, curators and academics, Interventions is necessarily implicated in this political dialogue of creative thinkers.

This issue is brought together in connection with the symposium “Revolution in Counterpoint: Contemporary Performance Art and the Political Past,” produced by three second-year MODA students—Juliette Premmereur, Valerie Werder and Eva Lu. The symposium, like this issue, explored the methods and conceptual bases of several politically-charged movements among artists and thinkers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Prof. John Rajchman (Columbia University) introduced conversations between Molly Nesbit, Shuddhabrata Sengupta (of Raqs Media Collective), Michael Hardt and Rossella Biscotti; a recording of the symposium is included in this issue.

Kathleen Langjahr, Chaeeun Lee, and Amanda Ryan

New York, March 2014