ARTIST PROJECT: Antipode Chess

by Tuguldur Yondonjamts*                           An antipode costume. Drawing print on fabric, 2013.

My work is research- and information-based. I use investigational logic to create large-scale drawings that diagram imaginary journeys. These explorations deal with many issues, including the the origin of materials or resources, the relocation and collision of different timelines, myth, and travel. My works question how these factors are played out in physical and psychological space between tamed and untamed worlds.

My newest body of work is rooted in geography, translation of information, manipulation, and an imaginary landscape. My interactive sculptural piece Antipode Chess (2013) is based on a series of recorded movements from a chess game between my son and me. I use these movements to define coordinates that overlay my charcoal-and-dragon’s-blood pigmented drawings.

The drawings also incorporate my expanded archive of fossil drawings created at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Following my path from Mongolia to New York, I recombine both a real and imaginary landscapes to connect the movements of my son with the antipode of Mongolia, which is Chile.


Pictured above: A dragon's blood pigmented fossil drawing, copper plates with Mongolian copper mining coordinates, a falcon stand, a nomadic antipode drawing of Chile, The Secret Mountain of Falcons (an antipode costume), an extended chess board, study drawings of the Velociraptor and Protoceraptops at the AMNH, and a scroll drawing with chess coordinates.

Prentis #307, Studio view, 2013

  A falcon stand, The secret mountain of falcons, an antipode costume, an extended chess board. Ink drawing on paper, 2012. Dimensions variable.

The secret mountain of falcons and a falcon stand on extended chess board,
Drawing on paper, ink, 2012, dimensions variable

Oyu Tolgoi, copper etching, each 11 x 17 inches, 2013.

Oyu Tolgoi, copper etching, each 11 x 17 inches, 2013

Skull Island research, frozen atlantic ocean water, dragon's blood (Cinnabari tree), 2013.

Skull Island research, frozen atlantic ocean water, dragon’s blood (Cinnabari tree), 2013


The secret mountain of falcons/49°59′11″N 92°04′19″E, Offset print, 15 x 23 inches, 2014.

 The secret mountain of falcons/49°59′11″N 92°04′19″E, Offset print, 15 x 23 inches, 2014