Some Natural Remedies to Counteract the Menstrual Cramps

While the menstrual cycle is an inevitable part of a woman’s life, the pain that comes along with the menstrual cramps is sometimes unbearable. In scientific terms, they are mainly caused due to an upsurge of the hormone prostaglandin which in turn causes the contraction of the uterine muscles which thereby causes pain in the lower abdomen and gradually spreads along the entire back and thighs. There are several factors that can be the cause but let us focus on the remedies to lessen the pain.gidrocefalija_golovnogo_mozga_nrodnoe_lechenie-1024x682

Natural remedies:

There are a number of synthetic drugs and medicines that can relieve the pain but can even implement some side effects. Thus, it is better to opt for the natural home remedies.

• Application of heat:

Heat is one easiest and the fastest way to cope up with the pain of the menstrual cramps. Application of heat may be through hot pads or through water bottles filled with hot water, in the lower abdomen and the back helps to relax the uterine muscles and thereby lessens the pain to a certain extent.

• Cinnamon:

The healing properties of cinnamon are uncountable. It has the special antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties which help relieve a person from the pain. Intake of teas or simply lukewarm water infused with cinnamon can work wonders for the pain that comes along with the menstrual cramps. Pure cinnamon offers the largest number of benefits

• Ginger:

Yet another important natural remedy is Ginger. This can work wonders even if administered in small quantities in times of cramps. Ginger helps in lowering the levels of the hormone Prostaglandin in the blood which is the pivotal reason for the uterine wall contractions. This, in turn, helps in effectively counteracting the pain. In-take of ginger infusions with a little bit of honey and lemon juice to intensify the taste is a very effective remedy.