Guide to weight loss supplements and pills

Weight loss has become an important criterion in the modern life. It is mandatory for individuals to remain healthy. There is a wide array of supplements that help you to lose weight. These supplements claim to help the users lose a wide proportion of weight and also make it extremely easier to lose weight. Supplements should be researched and you should always consult your doctor or nutritionist prior to taking these supplements.

The supplements work through the following mechanscale-403585_960_720isms.

• Reduce appetite – It makes you feelcompletely full and thus lets you eat fewer calories

• Reduction of absorbing nutrients – it helps the users to intake less fat thus, lesser calories

• Increases burning of fat – It helps to burn excess calories

Following are the popular pills that help in weight loss

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

This is a small green fruit which has the shape of a pumpkin. The fruit’s skin comprises of hydroxy citric acid which is an active ingredient. It has the power to inhibit enzymes which produce fat. It also has the ability to increase the serotonin levels which reducing food cravings.


This has been present for a long time and comprises of several ingredients. These ingredients claim to help the procedure of weight loss. The ingredients comprise of caffeine along with extracts of few plants.


This is the most common psychoactive substance used while is found in coffee, dark chocolate, and green tea. It is also added to varied beverages along with processed foods. It helps in boosting metabolism and is a great supplement for weight loss.


This pharmaceutical drug works by the process of inhibition and breaks down fat in the gut. This makes you consume lesser calories. Along with this, it also reduces blood pressure.

Raspberry Ketones

This substance is available in raspberries and is a synthetic version. This is considered to be a supplement for weight loss. It helps in increasing the breakdown of fats while facilitating weight loss.