Healthy lifestyle To keep fit and healthy

Gut health vegetables

A healthy lifestyle helps you stay in shape throughout your life. However, it is not that easy to maintain. You need a lot of time to exercise and prepare a healthy diet. It’s a little hard to take time for this job in today’s busy life. But your efforts will definitely work for you one day.

Always be physically active, take at least 30 minutes and spend more time a day staying active. Divide 30 minutes into 3 periods of 10-10 minutes. During these 10-10 minutes you can do yoga, running, dancing or other physical activities.

Healthy diet

Always eat a balanced and low-fat diet consisting of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Choose a diet low in cholesterol and saturated with a decent amount of sugar, salt and total fat.

Do not use smoke or alcohol. If you do not, it’s a very good thing, and if you do not, get them out as soon as possible. If you are so intoxicated, contact your doctor and start treatment soon.

When a woman is pregnant, she should pay special attention to her diet. Keep regular checkups and take plenty of water and follow a liquid and solid diet as directed by your doctor. And exercise for at least 15 minutes a day.

Good manners

Clean your teeth in the morning, after eating and before going to bed in the morning with a soft or medium toothbrush. Floss daily. Remember that clean teeth and a clean mouth are the reason for your good smiles.

Try to avoid exposure to the sun from 10:00 to 15:00. Because the sun’s rays currently have the highest UV rays, which are harmful to your body and skin. If you have to go out, apply sunscreen on your face before leaving and just cover your head and both arms and then go out alone.

If you have a cough or cold, cover your mouth with a cloth, handkerchief or bent elbow when coughing or sneezing. If you have a fever together and have not been there for 3 days, go to the doctor and let your treatment run.

Under no circumstances panic. Your family may also be afraid to see you panic.

Everyone is thirsty in the summer and everyone likes cold water, so at least try drinking refrigerator water, and for cold water you can use a jug or a trip.

When coming home from the heat or sun, never drink cold water or sit in AC or cooler air. First wait for the temperature to reach home temperature (at least 15-20 minutes), then sit in AC or cooler air or drink cold water.

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