Issue 1: En Route

Donna Huanca, I was you and Never knew it (after Rumi), Installation for Puno Moca, Puno, Peru, 2011

Donna Huanca, I was you and Never knew it (after Rumi), Installation for Puno Moca, Puno, Peru, 2011

Interventions, Volume 01, Issue 01: En Route

Curatorial studies in the 21st Century is not a hermetic practice; on the contrary, it is inherently interdisciplinary and necessarily socially engaged. Its very definition is constantly in flux and requires frequent reappraisal. As students in the Modern Art: Critical and Curatorial Studies program at Columbia University, we felt strongly that a true education in this area should extend beyond the classroom and the texts and theories discussed therein. Interventions is therefore conceptualized as a curatorial platform featuring essays, interviews, web-based art projects, and experimental investigations of the implicit cross-sections between these practices. Flexible in format, the project aims to cultivate dialogue among a diverse body of participants, including curators, artists, and art and architectural historians, in order to establish a common space and archive of exchange.

For the first issue, we selected the theme En Route, as we felt it encompassed this spirit of experiential discovery. The projects that have been selected all embody the desire for social engagement through aesthetics; they question how form can impart meaning in our daily existence and in what ways it can be productively mobilized. From this broader premise, a number of sub-themes quickly emerged such as the recurrent attempts to frame a vibrant post-studio-practice and, within that rubric, a frequent positioning of the city-as-studio.

In addition to critical texts, each issue will include original projects by artists that explore similar themes in visual terms. We also will feature an Unlimited Edition, a single artwork available for download as a pdf to anyone who logs onto the site. We hope that Interventions continues to evolve in both form and content, en route, as it were, to an expanded field of discourse.

Ceren Erdem, Jaime Schwartz, and Lisa Williams

Founding Editors

New York; September, 2011

Stiev Selapak: Retelling Cambodia’s Story by Francesca Sonara

In search of unknown memories: an interview with artist Donna Huanca by Daisy Nam

Artist’s Project: CHASTITY by Julia Sherman

Exhibition by Analogy: Vocabularies of Institutional Obfuscation in Midtown and Manhattanville by Jacob Moore

To Be Determined Interviewed by Ismaelly Pena and Rachel Barnard

City-as-Studio: Process as Frame by Natasha Marie Llorens

Artist’s Project: SLOW INFO by Sebastian Black

A Quest for Enlightenment? – The 2011 Venice Biennale by Ceren Erdem

Memory and Memorialization: Gerhard Richter’s September by Jaime Schwartz

unlimited edition by Alexandra Lerman