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Tips on maintaining good eye health

Eyes are one of the most important and integral parts of the body, and ironically, one of the most overlooked and underrated as well. It is a source for providing vision to the world and lets us view what is around. Without healthy eyesight, the world around us would not be what it is today,

How to beat stress by eating food?

The present scenario calls for a lot of stress and anxiety. The world is burdened and so are the individuals. The work pressure has made everybody prone to a lot of stress. In order to help you calm down, here is a list of few stress-busting super foods which help you to reduce stress. Some

Top 5 list of natural foods for weight loss

It is extremely essential to healing the body and what better way than through natural process. Some natural foods have a great ability to heal the body. At the same time, it also has the ability for promoting health within the bodies. Following are some of the natural foods that can help in weight loss.

Home Remedies to Counteract the Hair Loss

Every other person wishes to have the perfect luscious and smooth hair and never face the traumatising occurrence of hair fall. But with this fast pacing life and improper eating habits, it has become a very common occurrence. There can be several factors that cause this, either environmental or eating hazards or sometimes even some

Guide to weight loss supplements and pills

Weight loss has become an important criterion in the modern life. It is mandatory for individuals to remain healthy. There is a wide array of supplements that help you to lose weight. These supplements claim to help the users lose a wide proportion of weight and also make it extremely easier to lose weight. Supplements

The Different Dietetics for the Different Ages

Our diets and nutrition are among the top determinants of our overall health. With that said, each individual has unique needs and requirements. Age is one thing that can impact our eating requirements. • For those in their 20s: The whirlwind of embracing adulthood, new jobs, and the weekend night-outs is what makes up a

Some Natural Remedies to Counteract the Menstrual Cramps

While the menstrual cycle is an inevitable part of a woman’s life, the pain that comes along with the menstrual cramps is sometimes unbearable. In scientific terms, they are mainly caused due to an upsurge of the hormone prostaglandin which in turn causes the contraction of the uterine muscles which thereby causes pain in the

Effective Weight Loss

In this fast evolving world, everything is becoming synthetic and no one has any time to spare and do the hard-work in order to achieve the goal. While the weight loss drugs can be effective in a short span of time, the side-effects they bear can be disastrous. Opting for the ways that can be